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In Search for a Dog Boarding Facility? Here’s How

As the holiday season is fast approaching, many individuals and families are making travel plans. Although it can be be very exciting to prepare for your travel, this might mean leaving you pet buddies. Sometimes, this gives you guilt, especially when you always bring your pets with you. However, you might be left with no choice but to leave them during your trip. To help you feel at ease in leaving your pet, you can take advantage of an excellent pet boarding facility. This is a safe place where to leave your pets without having to be guilty at all.

Although a pet boarding facility is a good place for your pets, it is essential to find the best facility. Below are some tips you can use in order to find the right and best one.

1. Take a tour – One way to ensure that the pet boarding facility is right for your dog is to take some time to tour around the facility. During your visit, you should ask the staff with all of your questions and concerns. Doing this allows you to feel comfortable with the facility and staffs who are going to take care of your dogs while you’re away. If you notice the staff to be rush with things around, then that can be an indication that he can’t give enough attention to your pet. It is also good to bring your pet with you for a test run. This can also help you determine if the facility is right for your pet or not.
2. Ask about the daily routine – It is essential to ask the boarding staff about the daily routine for pets. A good boarding facility should be able to give ample of opportunities to energize your pets. Also, ask about their overnight care for your dog.
3. Check the amenities – Another essential factor to consider is the amenities of the pet boarding facility. Although the facility is a temporary home for your pet while you’re away, you must ensure that it is most comfortable with the boarding. Make sure it has several outlets and exercises to keep your pets socially active.
4. Maintenance of the facility – It is fairly important to ask the management on how they clean, disinfect, and maintain their facility. A clean boarding helps ensure that your pet ks safe, happy, and healthy while you are away.
5. 24/7 staffed – Do not forget to ask the facility if they have staffs 24/7. Of course, you don’t want your pet to be left alone. So make sure that the boarding facility is 24-hour staffed. With this, you are sure that someone is available in case of emergency.
6. The background of staffs – You should make sure that the staffs in the boarding have enough knowledge, skills, and experience in handling pets. These factors are necessary to ensure that your pet is in good hands. When the staffs have not not acquired proper training, then that may mean providing less care to your pets.
7. Administer medication – This factor is very essential especially when your pet has certain medical conditions. Ask who is the one to administer the medications. She or he must have the proper training when it comes to administering medications.

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